Prepping for the PCAT!

Summertime is here and, not to ruin the party but, it’s actually the perfect time to study for the Pharmacy College Admission Test. No bummer summer here, you can still have a relaxing break and get the edge over the PCAT with lots of practice! We suggest at least three months of preparation before tackling the PCAT in all its glory and summer really is a perfect time to start! This test won’t be like any other you’ve ever taken. The PCAT is designed to test not only your academic knowledge of the sciences but it also assesses how well you might fit into the ever-changing role of a pharmacist. No need to panic, you can do this!
test stress

Not to add to your stress but just like the changing world and advancing scope of pharmacy, the PCAT has developed into a pretty encompassing exam of all you studied in college. Well, don’t want to scare you with it all but it’s a lot. Check out the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy aka AACP’s PCAT Blueprint that breaks down the test by subject and time allotted below and here’s their full guide to all things PCAT here. FYI if you’re applying to enroll in Pharm School next fall now is the time to register for the September testing window, do it here.
PCAT Blueprint

Panicking yet? Preparing for this monstrous undertaking is no east feat. So what do you really need, one of those big books or some expensive software? No, what you need is practice and the smart way to prepare is with PCAT Cracker. The practice tests on PCAT Cracker are designed to look and feel like the real PCAT and are made to match the difficulty level. So you are really practicing for test day both in content and in design! Log on to PCAT Cracker and take free diagnostic tests of each section to see where you stand and pin point your weaknesses. Upgrade your membership to unlock all the practice tests, each complete with helpful tutorials and clear explanations of answers to really give you the edge in studying for the PCAT. Plus, little piece of advice: right now you can upgrade and unlock the tests for $39 instead of the regular $99! There’s even support 24/7/365 to help you all along the way.

The Pharmacy College Admission Test is a monstrous undertaking but with PCAT Cracker you can test-drive the exam and get real feedback! Preparation is key and although you can read through and through and study tons of test prep material, the real preparation comes from practice. Taking timed PCAT practice tests will not only greatly help you in studying concepts and content but you’re also practicing for the actual test day seeing how the test is structured and getting accustomed to the test section times. With the right kind of preparation, *cough PCAT Cracker cough*, you can spend more time poolside and still be ready for test day!