PCAT Breakdown: Biology Section!

This is part 6 of our series breaking down the Pharmacy Admission Test.

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On the agenda today the Biology section, which is the third section you run into come test day.

You will have 35minutes to answer 48items,

including both freestanding and passage-based questions.


Here is a detailed outline of each the objectives their subcategories tested in the biology section of the PCAT:

General Biology, 50% of questions

PCAT Bio_Gen Bio


Microbiology, 20% of questions

PCAT Bio_Micro


Human Anatomy & Physiology, 30% of questions

PCAT Bio_Human Anatomy


As previously stated in the Chemistry section discussion, with the freestanding questions the knowledge tested can be straightforward but the passage-based questions require reading comprehension before you even get the Reading Comprehension section of the PCAT!

But then with the passages you have to be able to (quickly) break down the information presented and be able to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate the passage. The way to prepare for this is with practice. YES, basically like with all things PCAT Prep… PRACTICE is key!



Check out this sample freestanding question below (spoiler alert: * = the answer)…

PCAT Bio Stand Alone Sample


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Happy Practicing!