PCAT Breakdown: Quantitative Ability!

This is finally the final part aka part 7 of our series breaking down the Pharmacy Admission Test. Check out the complete series for our lowdown on the PCAT!


For our last trick we’re breaking down the Quantitative Ability section,

which coincidentally is also the last section you will face come test day!

You will have 45 minutes to answer 45 questions.


Here’s an overview of the content objectives tested below:

Basic Math, 15%

Functions, Percentages, & Decimals

Unit Conversions

Log Base 10


Algebra, 20%

Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities (e.g. solving problems using linear equations &                                                         equalities, solving quadratic equations, solving equations with radicals, etc.)

Functions (e.g. determining the inverses of functions, using max & min points, etc.)


Statistics and Probability, 20%

Measures of Central Tendency




Statistical Concepts


Pre-Calculus, 22%

Functions (e.g. graphing and identifying domains, ranges, and intercepts, logarithms, graphing                                          inverses of circular functions, etc.)

Complex Numbers

Vectors (e.g. adding vectors graphically and algebraically, perform scalar multiplications, etc.)


Calculus, 22%

Limits (e.g. finding limits of functions, infinite limits, etc.)

Continuity (e.g. interpret graphs of continuous and discontinuous functions)

Derivatives (e.g. finding derivatives by means of the sum & product, power rule, applying the                                   Mean Value Theorem, using implicit differentiation, etc.)

Integrals (e.g. finding antiderivatives and interpreting C, approximating areas bounded by                                                   curves, etc.)


Here’s a sample derivative question to give you an idea of what to expect…

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.24.08 PM


So there you have it Pre-Pharmers, our finally complete breakdown series on all things PCAT! Check out the blog for the rest of PCAT Cracker‘s section breakdowns and stay tuned for more things Pre-Pharm!



Applying to Pharmacy School: PharmCAS 2016 is Now Open!

As of mid July the 2015 – 2016 cycle of the PharmCAS is officially open!

The time has come to put all your hard work and preparation to “paper” (really to the online application)! The Pharmacy Centralized Application Service (PharmCAS) is the general web-based application used to submit applications to one or multiple pharmacy programs is the U.S. Keep in mind decision on admission comes completely from the schools and programs you are applying to and not from PharmCAS; they are only a service you submit your applications and transcripts through.

The application is open until April but you’ll need to start thinking about a lot sooner (like now!) and keep in mind specific pharm school deadlines.




Completing your PharmCAS application is a big deal and not a task to be taken lightly!

So let’s go over a few keys things to get you started on the road to being accepted to pharmacy school!


Before You Apply

Read the Instructions! Fully and carefully. The PharmCAS website stressing this a lot and it’s important to know exactly what your getting into anyway so read it!

Then you’ll create an account to get started on your application here. Important note: the PharmCAS website strongly suggests not to use Hotmail as they have had problems with it in the past.

Also important though: Who’s still using Hotmail? Apparently enough people that they had to say something!! Anywho…

Check out this handy PharmCAS Checklist here to make sure you’re getting everything you need in and are on the right track along the way!


$ Cost $

Completing the PharmCAS costs $150 and includes sending it to one school. Each school beyond that is an additional $55. So to do some adding up that goes like this…


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.51.56 AM


Remember, specific schools may include secondary applications resulting in secondary application fees. Plus considering possible expenses for traveling to different schools for visits and interviews, the whole application process can really add up so you’ll want to really do your research to narrow down the programs you want to apply to!


Early Decision

The Early Decision deadline is September 8th and is coming up fast!

As the name entails this option gives applicants a chance to find out early/asap if they’ve been accepted to their first choice school. A couple things to keep in mind when considering applying for Early Decision…

– In addition to completing the PharmCAS application, all of your transcripts and documents must also be in by the September 8th deadline. If your transcripts or application fee arrive after September 8th, your application will be automatically changed over to regular decision.

– It is a ‘binding option’ meaning if you get accepted through this option you are obligated to accept. You get a special opportunity for Early Decision admission to one school and one only. So choose carefully because once you’re in, you’re in!

Interested in learning more? Find out if your dream school participates in the Early Decision programs and get the full lowdown here.


With all the expense and stress of applying to pharmacy school, save yourself some trouble and check out PCAT Cracker for you PCAT prep and stay tuned to the blog for more topics on the application process like Getting Letters and Recommendation! That’s all for now!


Happy Applying