Applying to Pharmacy School: PharmCAS 2018 is OPEN!

As of July 18th the PharmCAS 2018 is officially open!

The time has arrived. So you’ve been working to keep up that GPA, right? Got gleaming PCAT scores? How about all that extra stuff like volunteer work, research projects, and extracurriculars? Well now it’s time to lay it all on the line! The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) have just dropped the Pharmacy College Application Service for those of you planning on entering the fall 2018 semester. This means the PharmCAS 2018 ready to be conquered!


Before You Apply

Completely & Carefully: Read the InstructionsThe PharmCAS folks provide a detailed breakdown of each and every section of the application. It holds the answer to nearly all the questions you might have. Now isn’t the time for cutting corners so read it fully!

When you’re ready to start your application proceed here.


$ Cost $

Completing the PharmCAS costs $175 and includes sending it to one school. Each school beyond that is an additional $55. So to look at the math it’ll look like…

Remember, specific schools include secondary applications meaning secondary application fees.

Plus considering possible expenses for traveling to different schools for visits and interviews, the whole application process can really add up so you’ll want to really do your research to narrow down the programs you want to apply to!


Important Dates

Here is a calendar of important upcoming dates to keep on top of!

Below are the pharmacy school with the earliest regular deadline date…

FYI If your interested, the Early Decision Deadline = September 5, 2017!!! Learn more here.


PSA: the PharmCAS has provided a handy Application Checklist to help keep you on track!

With all the expense and stress of applying to pharmacy school, save yourself some trouble and check out PCAT Cracker for you PCAT prep and stay tuned to the blog for more topics on the application process like Getting Letters and Recommendation! That’s all for now!

Happy Applying 🙂