PCAT Updates: Dates and Fees!

*** NOTE: This post with the 2015 testing dates is now outdated. For an updated version check out this… PCAT 2016 – 2017 Test Dates Now Open! ***

A long long time ago (last September) we began a series breaking down the PCAT and we’ve had some good times but since the start a few things have changed that we should cover now. In the original PCAT Breakdown: Introduction Guide to the Pharmacy Admission Test the dates and registration fees are now outdated.

So considering these adjustments, let’s dive in and cover changes for the remaining testing windows, shall we?


First off, here are the remaining testing windows and registration and cancellation deadlines for 2015. As you’ll notice, if you want to sign up for the July testing window the initial deadline has passed and you have until June 30th to register with a late fee.


New PCAT Upcoming Dates


Note that registration for the October 26-30 and November 2-6 testing dates opens September 18th! Remember that seats are first come first serve so it’s best to act quickly!


Registering for the PCAT

Keep in mind when registering you need to know the schools you want your scores to be sent to, so figure it out beforehand. Step one: go to the PCAT website and create an account here; that’s your PCAT CID. With that log in you’re in the system and can do stuff like send official score transcripts, etc. Only after you a receive registration confirmation email saying that your payment was received can you then schedule to take the test…


Scheduling a test date

Got that registration confirmation email? Now schedule ASAP! The PCAT is a computer-based test conducted at Pearson VUE Test Centers and dates and test centers can fill up fast. If this is your first time taking the PCAT you’ll need to create a log in with Pearson VUE and keep your PCAT CID (your PCAT registration log in) handy, you’ll need it. If you have a log in with Pearson VUE already, sign in and schedule away!


$ Cost of Taking the PCAT $

When you register to take the PCAT the updated new fee is $210 and this includes sending official scores to up to three schools. If you want to send scores to any more schools it’s $20 each. If you haven’t realized it yet, deadlines are a big deal and the late registration fee is an additional $49.


What’s on the PCAT?

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That’s it! Changes in dates and an updated registration cost! The rest of the information from the original breakdown introduction guide can be referred to here. With test day just around the riverbend it’s crunch time so stick with PCAT Cracker to ace it!


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